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Freedom Bib - Cat
Freedom Bib - Cat
Freedom Bib - Cat

Freedom Bib - Cat

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The Freedom Bib (Montessori Bib) is a child centered tool to encourage children to take the preparation for mealtime into their hands. The ribbed neckline allows children to get ready to join the table by themselves which gives them great satisfaction and takes away one of the jobs of the carer. Ideally they should be located where a child can take it off and hang it up by him/herself. 

Apart from mealtimes the Freedom Bib is also great fun as a flying cape.

As a mum of two Montessori pupils I definitely value and embrace tools that contribute to children independence.

I carefully make these bibs in New Zealand and am happy to ship anywhere in the world.

They came in three sizes but I am happy to customize them (material and sizes)

Dimensions are approximately:

Small 27cm x 21cm

Medium 30cm x 26cm

Large 42cm x 30cm

They are constructed using printed cotton, toweling and ribbing.

Care Instruction: Machine washable, Cool gentle cycle with mild detergent, do not tumble dry or dryclean, air dry over the line in shade.