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About Us

I am a passionate mum of two girls who loves creating practical accessories for everyday use. Growing up surrounded by women who spent they free time doing crafts has probably a lot to do with it, but I think what really drives me into making cool stuff are my girls. Just before my eldest turned four she broke her arm and needed consistent support for her cast for 6 weeks. After having no success finding a sling for her I decided to make a couple. It filled my heart with happiness to hear her talking to people with a big grin "Mummy made it". Her Orthopedic surgeon and the radiology personnel of Wairau Hospital kept saying to me that so many children need the same support and that I should make many more I did!




Here they are playing with some toys I had hidden into a drawstring play mat and into a soft seat cushion. It was so much fun to watch the race to put the most toys into the soft seat and after everything was packed away my little one set down to look at a book with her Panda.

   "Who can put the most toys in the soft seat" competition!  

As you can see under my collections, I love using natural and organic fibers. There are enough synthetic materials around us and every natural item we incorporate in our lives count!

I also enjoy working with heavier and upholstery grade textiles to create unique pieces. 

Thank you for visiting my page. I would appreciate your feedback.